Pedagogical Training, Level 2 - for ESL -Enriched Hands-On Training


We will use different turnkey learning and evaluation situations (LES) for high school as weel as elementary as models to demonstrate how we combine SMART Board technics and functions, C1, C2 and C3 tasks using the interactive whiteboard effectively. The models will be presented from a student centered approach rather than a teacher centered approach. We will incorporate online resources from CVE-Connecting Videos to Education. VoDZone Education and other free online resources fo high school and elementary ESL learners.

Notebook functions version 14 will be demonstrated during the workshop :


Day 1 :

  • Review level 1
  • Smart Ink (WORD, PowerPoint & EXCEL)
  • Notebook software & the Interactive Viewer
    • Overview of the add-ons : side tabs (Gallery, Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.o, Attachements, Properties, Activity Builder)
    • Objects (grouping, links, sound, locking, page recorder)

Day 2 :

  • Pin the page feature, view display, technics to reveal, SMART recorder, SMART video player, group creation, Internet Browser
  • Theme creation
  • SMART Response VE, Notebook Connect, XC Collaboration
  • Content Creation
  • Review of CVE - Connecting Videos to Education, SMART Exchange & GRICS'IWB Community
  • Presentation of activities created by teachers.
  • Teacher evaluation


  • Interactive Smart Board Training

Clientèle visée 

  • ESL eachers
  • Pedagogical Consultant


2 days

Nombre de participants 

Maximum 30 participants