Pedagogical Training, Level 1 - For First Time Users


Presenters will demonstrate how to get started, use the Smartboard’s basic components, the SMART and Microsoft Ink Aware applications as well as an introduction to SMART Notebook software. We will show how to integrate lessons which you have already created and integrate them into SMART Notebook software.


This workshop is designed to introduce participants to:

  • The system’s basic components, Pen Tray, orientation, Microsoft and SMART Ink aware applications, SMART floating toolbar
  • Microsoft and SMART Ink Aware applications: Save hand-written notes as images or text from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Basics for SMART Notebook software : First time users, menu bar, toolbar, side tabs such as the Gallery, the Properties, the Attachments and My Content
  • Objects in SMART Notebook software: Manipulation, moving, alignment guides, drop-down menu, grouping, links to a page or attachments, shape and written recognition, sharing files.
  • Structure and create short interactive activities using SMART Notebook software and integrate them into your classroom.


  • None

Clientèle visée 

  • Teachers
  • Pedagogical Consultant
  • Professionals in education
  • IT/Récit staff
  • Administration


1 day

Nombre de participants 

Maximum 15 participants